ICGST International Journal on Automatic Control and System Engineering

ISSN:  Print 1687-4811, Online 1687-482X & CD-ROM 1687-4838


The ACSE  publishes high-standard research papers on theoretical analysis, experimental studies and innovations concerning automatic control and system engineering. This journal is, therefore,  not only  a forum where researchers, scientists, engineers and vendors can exchange their knowledge and experience, but also serves as an educational channel for students and any others who would  like to learn more about the new  trends in this field of study.  The  ACSE   journal publishes work that addresses the application of methods to real world scenes and seeks to strengthen a deeper understanding in the discipline by encouraging the qualitative and quantitative performance evaluation of the emerging subjects of automatic control and  system engineering. The coverage includes:

General Topics:

  • Embedded Control Systems.
  • Adaptive Control Techniques
  • Object-Oriented Petri Nets
  • Petri Nets
  • Model-Based Diagnosis
  • Lisp Programming
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Real-Time and Fault-Tolerant Systems
  • Alarming and Fault Diagnosis Systems
  • Fuzzy Control Systems
  • Neuro Controllers
  • Neuro-Fuzzy Controllers
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Robust Control
  • Stability, Controllability and Observations
  • Multidimensional Systems
  • Robot and Manipulator  Control
  • Pursuing and  Tracking
  • Linear and Non-Linear Systems
  • Power System Control
  • Perceptual Control Systems
  • Autonomous Traffic and Transport Systems
  • Modeling and Simulator Building
  • Modeling,  Estimation and  Prediction
  • Automatic Control of Chemical Processes
  • Automotive Control Systems and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Thermal System  Control
  • Process Control
  • Sensors, Actuators and Transducers
  • Industrial Control Electronics
  • Biologically inspired Control Techniques
  • Data Acquisition and Measurement engineering
  • Studies on Signal and System
  • Large Scale Control Systems
  • Intelligent Control Systems
  • Stochastic Control
  • Aerospace Control Systems
  • Defense and Military Systems Control
  • Digital and Analogue Control
  • Motion and Navigation Control
  • Temporal and Spectral System Analysis
  • Studies on nuclear systems control
  • Control Analysis of  Social and Human Systems
  • Biomedical control systems

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