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Welcome to ICGST!

The ICGST is committed to maintain the highest standards of excellence in its contents and management. It publishes selected papers after careful review based on considerable criteria and, usually, extended revisions. It also publishes other reviewed contributions separately submitted. Currently, only papers submitted in English can be considered for publication in ICGST journals

ICGST committee in


Past Conferences

ICGST International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering,

Istanbul, Turkey

From : 19 December 2011 To: 21 December 2011

ICGST International conference on computer science and engineering CSE-11 emphasizes on recent trends of research and development and provides a central forum for scientists, researchers, engineers and vendors from different disciplines to exchange ideas, identify problems, investigate relevant issues, share common interests, explore new approaches, and initiate possible collaborative research and system development. The CSE-11 significantly benefits a wide variety of academic and industrial sectors

The most recent papers (ICGST Repository)

TitlePaper ID
Digital Optimal Compensation of Process Control SystemsP1111707547
Enhancing the Minimum Average Scheduling Algorithm (MASA) based on Makespan MinimizingP1121705544
Direct Torque Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Three Level Space Vector ModulationP1111701535
Face Recognition based on Hidden Markov Model and Canny OperatorsP1151653533
Improved Face Recognition based on Hidden Markov ModelP1121653529
Automatic Control and System Engineering Journal, Volume 16, Issue 2, ISSN 1687-4811, ICGST LLC, Delaware, USAP1111701538
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Journal, ISSN 1687-4846, Volume 16, Issue 1, ICGST LLC, Delaware, USAP1121701539
Graphics, Vision and Image Processing Journal, ISSN 1687-398X, Volume 16, Issue 3, ICGST LLC, Delaware, USA.P1151701540
Semantic Anti-patterns Detection in UML Models based on Ontology CatalogueP1121647525
Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Image based on Oversampling and Multi-Feature KernelsP1151616490
Improving the Characteristics of Switched Reluctance MotorP1111641522
Robust Color Image Watermarking Technique Using DWT and Homomorphic based SVDP1151636515
Region Based Integrated Approach for Image RetrievalP1151638519
Automatic Recognition of Lesion-like Regions in Black Skin Medical ImagesP1151637518
Comprehensive Comparison of PWM and SVM based Three Phase AC to AC Matrix ConvertersP1111636517
Solution of an Optimal Control Problem with Vector Control using Relaxation MethodP1111634512
Arabic Full Text Diacritization using Light Layered ApproachP1121636514
Sensor less Control of PMSM with FOC using MRASP1111638520
Voltage Source Converter of Three Phase Photovoltaic Grid Connected System and Fault AnalysisP1111633511
DPCM Soft Modelling in Open-Loop RepresentationsP1181632510