AIML Volume 06 - Issue (II) ICGST

Malaysia Travel Destination Images Search Engine Using Geometric Moment Invariants

Ali Selamat and Teh Jian Ting

Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science & Information Systems,University Teknologi Malaysia, 81300 UTM Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel.: +6-07-5532009, Fax: +6-07-5565044


Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) is an alternative way to achieve effective image retrieval results that fulfill the userís requirement or query since images has become a demanding media. Here a Malaysiaís travel destination images retrieval application using moment geometry is presented. In this prototype the effectiveness and the accuracy of the image retrieval process will be determine through features extraction by using moment geometry. The keywords from user will be used to match with the image database to search for the related images. The result from the text-based retrieval will be shown to user. The user will choose one of the images that he or she wanted. The selected image will proceed for the edge detection process using Sobel operator. Features extracted from the edge detection process will be used for the matching process to retrieve related and relevant images. Edge detection using the Sobel operator and moment geometry invariants algorithm were implemented into this prototype while precision and recall metrics are used to evaluate the effectiveness and the accuracy of this image retrieval prototype.

Keywords: Features extraction, Geometric moment invariants, Edge detection, Sobel, Image search engine

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