Welcome to the International Congress for global Science and Technology, ICGST!

Publishing Fee:
  • The minimum charge  for the basic fee of a paper is 240 Euros
  • The basic publishing fee (without reprints) up to 8 pages and 60 Euro/page for the extra pages
  • For the reprints the cost is 0.50 Euro/page including the post service. To calculate the total cost of the reprints (0.40 x Number of paper pages x Number of reprints)
  • The hard (printed) issue with the soft copy (DVD) plus post service is 85 Euros
Important Notes:
  • Send, please, a photocopy of the transfer document to us.
  • All payments being due to I.C.G.S.T. FZE must be made in full without deductions, whereas bank charges, currency exchange fees etc. have to be borne by the authors.
  • Apply, please, the transfer data precisely.
  • Write, please, the bill number in the transfer purpose